All Souls Paranormal Investigation Group

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Our Services

All services we provide are FREE of charge. 

Phone Consultations

A phone consultation is provided to anyone within the United States. It is a series of questions to help us better understand what the situation is, and to offer our advice. It helps us to determine what should be done next, who to call, and what you can do. We can also help you determine if we can come in to conduct an investigation, if your location is within our service area. A phone consultation usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. All information collected on a consultation is private and confidential. No information is released without your express written permission. 

Paranormal Investigation

A paranormal investigation is a series of scientific tests used to detect activity at the location in question. We use different scientific devices, such as an EMF Meter, Digital Thermometer, and Spirit Box, as well as video recorders, cameras, and voice recorders to try and detect activity. All activity collected is reviewed thoroughly to attempt to debunk claims of the paranormal. All investigations are done in a logical mindset to try and come to all possible conclusions. Investigations are scheduled when it is convenient for the client. It can happen anytime during the day or night when activity is said to occur. It usually lasts a minimum of 4 hours, and can go up to around 8 hours. All information collected on investigations is completely confidential. No information is released without your express written permission.

*Please note we only serve Illinois, and certain parts of Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin at this time for paranormal investigations. If we start service to any other areas, we will let you know.

Paranormal Research

Our knowledge comes from research of the paranormal. We offer information to anyone having questions about anything paranormal . If you are looking for information, feel free to email us, or text us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you have.